Wellness Program

Skagit Transit Wellness Vision:

Our vision is to have empowered employees actively involved in their health and well-being.

Skagit Transit Mission Statement:

Our mission – to educate, inspire and motivate our workforce in matters of health and well-being.

    Skagit Transit is committed to wellness.

The purpose of the Wellness Program is to assist Skagit Transit employees in the VOLUNTARY  adoption and maintenance of healthy lifestyle choices.

Skagit Transit recognizes employees are critical to the quality and efficiency of Skagit Transit services. Skagit Transit also recognizes its need to contribute in a positive way to the health and well-being of its employees fortifying their ability to perform their job duties and provide services to Skagit Transit customers.

The goals of the program:

  1. To create an environment that is supportive of positive health practices.
  2. To offer opportunities for employees to learn the skills they need to optimize their health and well-being to ensure that the beneficiaries of Skagit Transit services receive the benefit of more productive employees in the workplace.
  3. To provide tools and resources for employees to make wise health conscious choices in order to reduce long-term costs related to treatment of illness and accidents.
  4. To ensure that all employees have the opportunity to be involved, wellness committee represent various authority levels and every department.


For Employees

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