Disadvantaged Business Enterprises



Skagit Transit is the recipient of Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) Section 5307 annual
apportionments to the Mount Vernon Urbanized Area. These funds are generally used for
operational costs of employee wages and benefits, transit vehicle fuel, and Insurance Pool
insurance coverage for revenue vehicles and property. Skagit Transit also receives an annual
apportionment of FTA Section 5307 and 5339 funding from the Puget Sound Regional Council
for services operated within the Seattle UZA boundaries. These funds are generally used to
support Skagit Transit operations and capital assets used in services provided by Skagit Transit
within the Seattle UZA service area.
Skagit Transit also receives discretionary funding from various FTA programs from time to time.
This program discusses how Disadvanaged Business Enterprises can participate in the upcoming projects that will involve federal funding. For more information, please read this DOCUMENT

Public Comment

Notice is hereby given that Skagit Transit has set its Disadvantaged Business Enterprise goal for
programs utilizing Federal Transit Administration funds for federal fiscal year 2023-2025 (October
1, 2022 through September 30, 2025). The DBE goal is 0%. The goal was developed in accordance with the process described in US DOT’s CFR 49 Part 26.
A description of how the goal was developed is available for public inspection between 8 a.m. and
5 p.m. (PDT), Monday thru Friday at the address listed below. Public comments regarding Skagit
Transit’s DBE goal will be accepted for thirty (30) days from the date of this notice.
Please mail or e-mail comments to: Arden Flores Skagit Transit, 600 County Shop Lane,
Burlington, WA 98233 or aflores@skagittransit.org.

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