Face Mask Reminder


A friendly reminder that masks or face coverings are required when riding Skagit Transit. Protect yourself and others when you ride by following the new Washington State health order mandate to wear a mask when you leave home. Stay healthy and help slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus.


Skagit Transit will continue to take extra measures each night to disinfect and sanitize our buses, paying special attention to all surfaces people touch with their hands.


On another note, implementation of the Paratransit fare program shall occur on August 5, 2020.  Details on the program are available at www.SkagitTransit.org.  Please contact Brad Windler, the Planning and Outreach Supervisor, at 360-757-5179 or email him at bwindler@skagittransit.orgif you have questions about the program.


If you have questions, please reach us at (360) 757-4433 or at (www.skagittransit.org)


Thank you for your cooperation.

Dale S. O’Brien

Executive Director


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