January 2020 Service Changes


Skagit Transit will enact a series of service changes effective January 2020. The exact changes are listed below:

Routes 185/195 are being eliminated due to low ridership and a request by the Skagit Valley Casino that Skagit Transit no longer operate service to the casino.

Route 40X is adding a 7:40 PM trip from March's Point to Skagit Station on weekdays.

Route 207 has a slight adjustment to the second Wal-Mart timepoint to improve schedule reliability. It will now leave Wal-Mart at :50 past the hour instead of :52 past the hour.

Route 305 has a slight routing change. In Clear Lake, there will be a small loop added to service the area on south Clear Lake. You can see the new map and schedule HERE.

Route 410 will have 2 slight routing changes and one additional trip. You can see the new route map and schedule HERE.


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