Route 410

WA State Ferry / March’s Point



Effective Monday June 20 2022, Skagit Transit will offer Fare Free service to all youths aged 18 and under.

Route 410

Route Schedules

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Weekday Schedule

Depart March’s Point 10th St & Q Ave Guemes Ferry WA State Ferry Old Salts, Skyline Guemes Ferry 10th St & Q Ave Arrive March's Point
1 2 3 4 5 3 2 1
---- ---- ---- ---- 6:38am 6:50am 6:55am 7:05am
7:15am 7:23am On Request 7:35am 7:38am Transfer to 409 7:55am 8:05am
8:15am 8:23am On Request 8:35am 8:38am Transfer to 409 8:55am 9:05am
9:15am 9:23am On Request 9:35am 9:38am Transfer to 409 9:55am 10:05am
10:15am 10:23am On Request 10:35am 10:38am Transfer to 409 10:55am 11:05am
11:15am 11:23am On Request 11:35am 11:38am Transfer to 409 11:55am 12:05pm
12:15pm 12:23pm On Request 12:35pm 12:38pm Transfer to 409 12:55pm 1:05pm
1:40pm 1:48pm On Request 2:00pm 2:03pm Transfer to 409 2:19pm 2:30pm
2:40pm 2:48pm On Request 3:00pm 3:03pm Transfer to 409 3:19pm 3:30pm
3:40pm 3:48pm On Request 4:00pm 4:03pm Transfer to 409 4:19pm 4:30pm
4:40pm 4:48pm On Request 5:00pm 5:03pm Transfer to 409 5:19pm 5:30pm
5:40pm 5:48pm On Request 6:00pm 6:03pm On Request 6:19pm 6:30pm
6:40pm 6:48pm On Request 7:00pm 7:03pm On Request 7:19pm 7:40pm*
7:40pm 7:48pm On Request 8:00pm 8:03pm On Request 8:19pm* -----

*Route 410 will go out of service at the bus stop at R & 32nd at 8:22PM.

Saturday Schedule

Depart March's Point 10th St & Q Ave Guemes Ferry WA State Ferry Old Salts, Skyline Guemes Ferry 10th St & Q Ave Arrive March's Point
1 2 3 4 5 3 2 1
---- ---- ---- 8:06am 8:11am Transfer to 409 8:23am 8:35am
8:45am 8:53am On Request 9:06am 9:11am Transfer to 409 9:23am 9:35am
9:45am 9:53am On Request 10:06am 10:11am Transfer to 409 10:23am 10:35am
10:45am 10:53am On Request 11:06am 11:11am Transfer to 409 11:23am 11:35am
11:45am 11:53am On Request 12:06pm 12:11pm Transfer to 409 12:23pm 12:35pm
12:45pm 12:53pm On Request 1:06pm 1:11pm Transfer to 409 1:23pm 1:35pm
1:45pm 1:53pm On Request 2:06pm 2:11pm Transfer to 409 2:23pm 2:35pm
2:45pm 2:53pm On Request 3:06pm 3:11pm Transfer to 409 3:23pm 3:35pm
3:45pm 3:53pm On Request 4:06pm 4:11pm Transfer to 409 4:23pm 4:35pm
4:45pm 4:53pm On Request 5:06pm 5:11pm Transfer to 409 5:23pm 5:35pm*

*Route 410 will take passengers into Anacortes, the WA Ferry Terminal, and the Skyline area if there are transfers from the 40X or Island Transit Route 411.
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