Route 411C

County Connector - Camano Island / Skagit Station

Route 411C

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Camano Island / Skagit Station

This route is operated by Island Transit as part of the Tri-County Connector. It connects with Skagit Transit Routes and Island Transit Route 411W to Whidbey Island at Skagit Station.

Mount Vernon to Camano Island


Depart Skagit Station Mount Vernon Rite Aid Stanwood Arrive Terry’s Corner Camano Island
6:40am 7:00am 7:10am
8:10am 8:30am 8:40am
10:40am 11:00am 11:10am
2:10pm 2:30pm 2:40pm
4:10pm 4:30pm 4:40pm
6:10pm 6:30pm 6:40pm
7:10pm 7:30pm 7:40pm


Camano Island to Mount Vernon


Depart Terry’s Corner Camano Island Rite Aid Stanwood Arrive Skagit Station Mount Vernon
5:55am 6:05am 6:35am
7:30am 7:40am 8:05am
9:55am 10:05am 10:35am
1:30pm 1:40pm 2:05pm
3:30pm 3:40pm 4:05pm
5:30pm 5:40pm 6:05pm
6:30pm 6:40pm 7:05pm


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