Skagit Transit Jan 17th Snow Route Information


When it snows, Skagit Transit may place your route on a "snow route". This helps buses to avoid those roadways that may be too slick or otherwise too difficult for our buses to travel. You can download this information HERE.

Snow Route Info

Route 40X- No Changes

Route 80X- No Changes

Route 90X- No Changes

Route 202- No Changes

Route 204- No Service to Skagit Station and Skagit Highlands

Route 205- No Service on the Viaduct. Riders can board or de-board Route 205 on Riverside Drive and Fir Street

Route 206- No Service on the Viaduct or East Broad Street to Skagit Station

Route 207- No Service East of Urban Street and Hoag Road, East of College Way and 30th Street, and Austin Lane

Route 208- No Service on the Viaduct. Riders can board or de-board Route 208 on Riverside Drive and Fir Street.

Route 300 Eastbound- No Service to UGH Medical Pavilion, Sedro Woolley High School, Jameson Street, North Reed Street, Sapp Road and SR 9

Route 300 Westbound- No Service to Jameson Street, Sedro Woolley High School, and UGH Medical Pavilion

Route 305 Northbound and Southbound- Will travel on College Way and SR 9. No Service on North LaVenture Road, Francis Road, Swan Road, Mud Lake Road, and Front Street

Route 409- No Changes

Route 410- No Service to WA State ferry

Route 513- No Service between the intersection of Peterson Road & Avon Allen Road and Higgins Airport Way

Route 615- No Service on Reservation Road, Swinomish Avenue, Caledonia Street and South 2nd Street

Route 717- No Service on Minkler road. The only bus stop serviced in Lyman is on Main Street between Prevedal Road and Pipeline Road. No Service to Cedar Grove, Cape Horn, and Pressentin. In Downtown Concrete, no Service on Superior Avenue and Main Street. Route 717 will start and end at Concrete Senior center

Route 750- No Service to Concrete Park and ride, Superior Avenue and Main Street. Riders can board and de-board in Concrete at the Concrete Senior center


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