Starting June 28 Change or Paper Passes Not Issued on Coaches


Effective June 28th, Skagit Transit will no longer issue paper fare card tickets known as GFI passes and will transition completely to the UMO electronic fare system.  The paper ticket hardware is becoming difficult to repair.  Riders will need to begin using the UMO fare payment method OR can use exact change cash for each ride.

The UMO fare system offers two options: 1) the free UMO Mobility app is availalbe on any smart phone - visit the Apple app store or Google play store and search UMO Mobility.  2) a plastic reuseable reloadable UMO card that is registered to the card holder. By registering the card to the user, passes or stored dollar values on the card can be recoved if the card is lost.

Umo cards are free until August 31st.  After the end of August, UMO cards will cost $3. Lost cards that need to be replaced will be charged the $3 lost card fee.  The UMO app will remain free.

Riders with the TouchPass electronic fare app or card can use it.  TouchPass was purchased by UMO and they are one-in-the-same.  If you have a TouchPass card it will continue working in tandem with the UMO payment methods.

Skagit Transit Customer Service is ready to answer questions regarding these changes.  Phone 1-360-757-4433


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