Skagit Transit takes pride in providing service for everyone, regardless of a person's ability. All of our buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts and the larger coaches have a 'kneeling" feature at the front steps. All of our drivers are trained in the proper operation of the lift. Under normal operating circumstances, you are expected to wheel yourself onto the lift, without assistance from the driver.

The lifts on Skagit Transit buses and vans are able to accommodate any standard wheelchair which is defined under ADA, and does not exceed 600 pounds including the person. It is requested that you allow the driver to properly restrain your wheelchair and yourself if it is possible to do so. If it is not possible to properly restrain your wheelchair and yourself, you may ride, but it will be at your own risk. Call Customer Service for more information about accessible equipment.

Skagit Transit also offers curb-to-curb transportation. This service is called Dial-A-Ride. Dial-A-Ride is a public service, which provides specialized transportation compatible with Skagit Transit's fixed-route bus service. It is a pre-scheduled service designed for people who are unable to get to the nearest bus stop or use a fixed-route bus. Based on the review of an application for Dial-A-Ride service, you may receive curb to curb service, curb to fixed-route service or fixed route service only (with training ).

If you have an American with Disabilities Act Grievance click here for ADA grievance procedures.

Call 360-757-4433 or toll-free at 877-584-7528 for more information.


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