Travel Training

What is Travel Training?


Using public transportation is one of the most important civil rights guaranteed under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Now you have access to the same buses used by others in the community. Mobility training on how to use accessible transportation puts you in control of your schedule, your time and your life.


Travel Training is a free program that is designed for seniors and people with disabilities or anyone who needs some help getting to know the bus system. It provides the assistance necessary for each person to successfully use Skagit Transit’s Fixed Route buses. The training is customized to meet individual needs, whether it is a basic orientation to the fixed-route system or an in-depth, hands-on training. Travel Training can range from one hour to several days, however long it takes for you to be safe and comfortable using the fixed-route bus service.

What can you learn?


  • How to board and exit the bus
  • Best route to take to the bus stop
  • Which bus to take and how to transfer between buses
  • How to negotiate bus transfers
  • What to do if you miss the bus
  • How to read the bus schedule and or ask for assistance
  • Where and how to safely cross the street
  • Personal safety and stranger awareness
  • Appropriate behavior on buses
  • Identification of Landmarks
  • How to use and obtain a fare card

Benefits of Travel Training

  • Freedom to go where you want and when you want to go.
  • Increased Confidence and Independence.
  • You will not need to rely on family, friends, or neighbors for your trips to town.

Travel Training provides skills that will allow you to go to:

  • Work
  • Make new friends at Senior Centers
  • Day Programs
  • Shopping Centers
  • Recreational Programs
  • Visit Friends and Relatives
  • Medical and Health offices
  • Or anywhere else you want to go!

For More Information on the Travel Training Program, Call and ask for the Travel Trainer | 360-757-9191

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