General Information


Skagit Transit is interested in firms that demonstrate a commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity and encourages firms to employ a workforce that reflects the region’s diversity and to adhere to non-discrimination provisions. As a federal Grantee, Skagit Transit must have a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Policy, annual DBE Goals, and a Civil Rights/Title VI Policy in place. These policies and goals may viewed by clicking on the links found in this paragraph.

Skagit Transit encourages small and women or minority owned Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) firms to submit bids or proposals. DBE firms are encouraged to afford all potential business partners an equal, non-discriminatory opportunity to compete for business as joint venture partners or subcontractors.

For more information on becoming a Washington State Certified DBE, please visit the following website:

Types of Purchases

Skagit Transit purchases buses and other service vehicles, automotive parts, office and janitorial supplies, and a wide variety of materials and services for the maintenance, repair and operation of the transit agency. All procurements are made in accordance with Skagit Transit’s Procurement Policy, and applicable federal, State and local laws and regulations.

Small Competition: All purchases between $5,001 and $50,000 must be competed and require a Purchase Order or written contract. At least three written quotes may be solicited by fax, mail, telephone or electronically. Award is made to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder. A quotation is responsive when it meets the requirements of the Request For Quotations (RFQ). Responsibility includes, but is not limited to, the contractor not being debarred or suspended from bidding on a public agency contract, is registered to conduct business in Washington State and is not delinquent on taxes or Workers’ Comp premiums. Consideration may also be given to previous performance, experience, adequacy of equipment, special or unique skills, and contractor’s ability to complete performance within a specified time limit.

Formal Competition: Skagit Transit is required to accept formal competitive bids or proposals for contracts exceeding $50,000. Invitation For Bids (IFB) and Request For Proposals (RFP) shall be advertised in an English language daily newspaper of general circulation (currently the Skagit Valley Herald). These solicitation documents are posted on Skagit Transit’s website for downloading.

Alternatively, bid documents for any construction or Small Works project under $400,000 may also be posted to Skagit Transit’s online plan room with Builders’ Exchange of Washington at In this instance, specific details relative to the posting will be outlined in the Bid Documents.

Contracts resulting from the IFB process are awarded to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder. Contracts from the RFP process are awarded to the proposer having the highest score based on Evaluation Criteria outlined in the RFP.

Exceptions to the competitive requirement include Purchase Orders and contracts for sole source items or services; Architectural and Engineering (A&E) services; emergency or public exigency procurements; and goods or services procured through other agencies’ competitively let contracts, commonly referred to as "piggybacking".

Vendor Responsibility Record

Skagit Transit will only contract with responsible contractors. Vendors are encouraged to maintain a responsible performance record by adhering to all contract terms and specifications, including the provision of specified materials or services and making on-time deliveries.

If a contractor’s past performance on Skagit Transit contracts is unsatisfactory, Skagit Transit has the authority to suspend or debar that contractor from bidding on any future Skagit Transit solicitations.

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