Skagit Transit is starting a process to develop a Long-Range Transit Plan. The plan will identify ways to improve current bus service and explore opportunities over the next 5 – 10 years both within Skagit County and in serving regional destinations. This presents Skagit Transit with an opportunity to evaluate and update our services and network to respond to the needs in our community.

We welcome your participation! Take our survey, and/or include your vision for Skagit Transit in our interactive map tool.

Participate in Our Survey and Interactive Map

Your input is valuable to us! Participate in our online survey and share your thoughts on the future of Skagit Transit.

Access the survey here: Skagit Transit Long-Range Plan Survey

Acceda a la encuesta aquí: Encuesta del Plan de Largo Alcance de Skagit Transit

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Also, explore and contribute to our interactive map for the Long-Range Transit Plan: Skagit Transit LRTP Interactive Map

Climate Commitment Act Initiative

Climate Commitment Act Logo

Skagit Transit is proud to support Washington State’s Climate Commitment Act (CCA), a key initiative in fighting climate change and promoting a sustainable, zero-emission future. The act is instrumental in funding projects that reduce climate pollution, create jobs, and improve public health.

For more information on the CCA and how it is helping shape a greener future, visit the official website at

Long-Range Transit Plan (LRTP) Simplified Overview

The Skagit Transit Long-Range Transit Plan is our complete plan for our bus and transit services for the next 5-10 years. It contains three important studies to help us develop a plan to make our bus services more accessible, efficient, and better for the environment. Here's what we're working on:

Regional Transit Study

This study examines how we can improve our services within Skagit County and nearby areas. A major focus of this study is environmental sustainability as part of our commitment to the Climate Commitment Act (CCA), which is the major funding source for this project. Our work under the guidance of the CCA aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and add more sustainable transit options. This will allow us to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our transit services in a way that will contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA)

Funded through local resources, the Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA) assesses the current transit operations within Skagit Transit’s service area. The analysis identifies opportunities for service improvements, route efficiencies, and overall system upgrades to meet the current and future demands of our ridership.

Micro Transit (Federal Grant)

With the support of a federal grant, we're looking into new kinds of transit services that can be called when needed, especially in places with lower populations or during times when buses are not usually busy. This study investigates the possibility of bringing in these new services in the future, with the goal of providing flexible, accessible, and efficient transportation options for everyone in the community.

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