The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) at Skagit Transit serves as an essential volunteer advisory body to the Board of Directors and Administration, providing a rider-centric perspective on services, programs, and planning. The CAC's core objectives include offering recommendations on transit operations, fostering community engagement, and ensuring that transit services align with community needs. Its activities are crucial in guiding service enhancements and promoting public transportation advocacy within Skagit County.

Join the Skagit Transit CAC

Are you passionate about public transportation? Are you eager to serve your community and influence its future? If your answer is a resounding "Yes!", then the Skagit Transit Community Advisory Committee (CAC) may be the place for you!

The CAC is an integral part of Skagit Transit. It's a team of non-elected, community-driven, public transportation enthusiasts. We engage in discussing transit issues and contribute valuable insights that help shape plans and policies.

But our role goes beyond just giving advice. As part of the CAC, you have the opportunity to actively participate in the Comprehensive Operational Analysis to effect future service changes. This vital role ensures that our transit services best meet the community's needs. Your insights can contribute to improved transit solutions, schedules, and services. It's a chance to make a tangible difference!

Are you excited to start this journey with us? If you're a Skagit County citizen interested in public transportation, we warmly welcome your application. We're committed to embracing diversity in our committee, ensuring it reflects our community. Everyone is welcome, because we know that diverse voices create more robust and inclusive solutions.

Applications can be mailed. You can apply below or contact Cheryl Willis, at 360-757-5194 or  We are happy to assist you throughout the application process.

Download Community Advisory Committee Application
Click here for a copy of the CAC By-laws.

Join our Meetings

Our CAC meetings are a welcoming space for everyone. We host hybrid meetings (via Zoom and in-person) every second Tuesday of the month at 4:30 PM at the Skagit Station, 105 E. Kincaid, Mount Vernon. We wholeheartedly welcome and encourage public attendance. Your thoughts, ideas, and concerns genuinely matter to us.

Click here to join our CAC Board Meeting via Zoom!

Meeting ID: 860 9221 5677

Find us on the map: Skagit Station on Bing Maps Or view on Google Maps.

Current CAC Members

The CAC comprises dedicated individuals who provide guidance and feedback to enhance the services of Skagit Transit. Below is a list of the current members who contribute their time and expertise.

Name Role
Judy Jones Chair
Doris Brevoort Vice Chair
Chris Jones Special Projects Coordinator
Louise Edens Member
Craig Edens Member
Valerie Rose Member
Robyn Gosney Member
Dick Phillips Member
David Stevens Member
John Norman Member
BJ Carol Member
Monette Partin Member
Madeline Handzlik Member
Ray Bock Member
Daniel Kihangu Member

CAC Monthly Meeting Minutes

The Skagit Transit Community Advisory Committee (CAC) documents the discussions, decisions, and actions from their monthly meetings in the form of meeting minutes. These documents serve as a record of the committee’s ongoing efforts to improve public transportation services and are available for public review. Below are the meeting minutes categorized by year.


Month Agendas Minutes Zoom Meeting Recording
January Agenda Minutes Zoom
February Agenda Minutes Zoom
March Agenda Minutes Zoom
April Agenda Minutes Zoom
May Agenda Minutes Zoom
June Agenda Meeting Zoom
July Agenda Minutes  
August Agenda Minutes  
September Agenda Minutes  
October Agenda Minutes  
November Agenda Minutes  
December Agenda Minutes  


Month Agendas Minutes
January Agenda Minutes
February Agenda Minutes
March Agenda Minutes
April Agenda Minutes
May Agenda Minutes
June Agenda Minutes
July Agenda Minutes
August Agenda Minutes
September Agenda Minutes
October Agenda Minutes
November Agenda Minutes
December Agenda Minutes


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