Route 204

Skagit Station / SV Hospital / SV College



Possible delays due to tulip traffic.


Closing bus stop at N Waugh & Lilac Dr

Route 204

Route Schedules

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(Bold numbers indicate Weekend Service times.)

Depart Skagit Station College Way & 18th Fire Station #3 on Division Skagit Valley College Arrive Skagit Station
1 2 3 4 1
6:15am 6:26am 6:39am 6:48am 7:03am
7:15am 7:26am 7:39am 7:48am 8:03am
8:15am 8:26am 8:39am 8:48am 9:03am
9:15am 9:26am 9:39am 9:48am 10:03am
10:15am 10:26am 10:39am 10:48am 11:03am
11:15am 11:26am 11:39am 11:48am 12:03pm
12:15pm 12:26pm 12:39pm 12:48pm 1:03pm
1:15pm 1:26pm 1:39pm 1:48pm 2:03pm
2:15pm 2:26pm 2:39pm 2:48pm 3:03pm
3:15pm 3:26pm 3:39pm 3:48pm 4:03pm
4:15pm 4:26pm 4:39pm 4:48pm 5:03pm
5:15pm 5:26pm 5:39pm 5:48pm 6:03pm
6:15pm 6:26pm 6:39pm 6:48pm 7:03pm
7:15pm 7:26pm 7:39pm 7:48pm 8:03pm
8:15pm 8:26pm 8:39pm 8:48pm On Request