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"Welcome aboard," from all of us at Skagit Transit. Our goal is to provide Skagit County residents and visitors with high-quality transit service. This guide is designed to help you take full advantage of our services.

If you have any questions or would like help planning your trip, please call us at 360-757-4433 or toll-free at 877-584-7528. Or contact us via our website.

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Skagit Transit provides bus service to most of Skagit County. Service originates from two primary locations - Skagit Station, in downtown Mount Vernon, and the Chuckanut Park and Ride in Burlington. From these two locations, the bus lines branch out to serve the rest of the valley. The bus will either travel out to the end of its route and return to its starting point or travel in a loop, ending up where it started.

The following steps will answer some common questions and help make your trip a pleasant one.

If you have questions about bus stop locations or route planning, please feel free to call Skagit Transit at 360-757-4433 or 877-584-7528, from outside Skagit County, or consult this website.

How to Ride the Bus Questions

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Bus stops are identified with a Skagit Transit sign. Check the sign for which bus lines stop there.

Signal the coach operator to stop by standing up at a bench or shelter when the bus approaches. Wave your arm of stick it out straight to signal that you want to board.  Please be at the posted stop as buses may not stop in unposted zones.

Arrive at your stop a few minutes early so you can be in place to signal the bus. Have your fare ready when boarding.

For your safety, buses stop only at designated Skagit Transit bus stops.

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Use the drop-down list above titled "Routes" to find the correct bus to take you to your destination. You may need to transfer from one route to another to reach that destination.

Identify your bus by looking for the bus route number and direction in the sign above the windshield. Buses headed toward a transit center will say Mount Vernon or Cascade Mall. Buses headed toward another destination will state the furthermost stop in that direction.

Before boarding, check the sign to make sure it is the bus you want to take. If you are not sure, ask the coach operator to help you.

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The schedules for each bus route are on this Web site. They are listed by route number. See the listing under "Routes".

Each route has a map and departure schedule with time points for several stops along its route. The buses travel through the schedule from the left to the right. The time points in the schedule correspond with the time points shown on the map. To know when to be at a stop that is between two time points, use the time point before your stop.

Time points are also listed on the post holding the Skagit Transit bus stop signs. The time points listed are for the routes that will stop at that point.

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After entering the bus and using your fare card, quickly move to a vacant seat. Please be aware that seniors and persons with disabilities have priority to the seats directly behind the coach operator.

If all seats are taken, hold on to the hand rails.

Please offer your seat to someone who may have difficulty standing on a moving bus if you are able to stand comfortably.

For more Safe Riding Tips, check out the Rules for Riders page.

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Watch for your destination or ask the coach operator to call it out as the bus approaches that stop.

Signal the coach operator that you wish to get off at the next stop by pulling the cord above the windows.

When the bus stops, get up and exit through the rear doors, when possible.

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On the internet type www.googlemaps.com.  Click Get Directions and click on the bus icon.  Type your current location into Location A and your destination into Location B and click Get Directions.  You can add in more details such as planned trip time and date and you can click on Show Options if you want fewer transfers or less walking.  You can also plan your return trip by clicking on the two arrows pointing up and down next to the locations.

You will receive several trip plans.  Click on the trip that is the shortest travel time or suits your needs best to get an itnerary with buses, transfers, times and locations listed.

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