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Route 101 will not service Burlington Library or Senior Center on June 15-16.

Route 101

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Route 101 is a vital transit line connecting key locations in Burlington, providing reliable and efficient transportation for both daily commuters and occasional riders. The route starts at the Chuckanut Park & Ride with stops that include Dick's Sporting Goods and the Library, catering to shoppers, students, and library patrons. The route is designed to facilitate easy access to commercial and educational hubs, enhancing connectivity within the community.

On weekdays, Route 101 seamlessly interlines with Route 513.

Important: Interlining routes occur when a bus reaches a stop like Chuckanut Park and Ride and changes to a different route for its next trip. We encourage all passengers to disembark at these interlining stops and connect to the intended route to ensure a smooth and accurate continuation of their journey. These timepoints are marked with the "Interlined With" column in the time tables.

This route interlines with Route 513 on weekdays.

Route 101 Weekday Schedule
Route 101 Weekday Schedule
DEPART Chuckanut P&R Dick's Sporting Goods Library ARRIVE Chuckanut P&R Interlined With
1 2 3 4  
6:25am 6:38am 6:49am 7:10am Rt. 513
7:25am 7:38am 7:49am 8:10am Rt. 513
8:25am 8:38am 8:49am 9:10am Rt. 513
9:25am 9:38am 9:49am 10:10am Rt. 513
10:25am 10:38am 10:49am 11:10am Rt. 513
11:25am 11:38am 11:49am 12:10pm Rt. 513
12:25pm 12:38pm 12:49pm 1:10pm Rt. 513
1:25pm 1:38pm 1:49pm 2:10pm Rt. 513
2:25pm 2:38pm 2:49pm 3:10pm Rt. 513
3:25pm 3:38pm 3:49pm 4:10pm Rt. 513
4:25pm 4:38pm 4:49pm 5:10pm Rt. 513
5:25pm 5:38pm 5:49pm 6:10pm Rt. 513
6:25pm 6:38pm 6:49pm 7:10pm Rt. 513
7:25pm 7:38pm 7:49pm 8:10pm Rt. 513
8:25pm 8:38pm 8:49pm 9:10pm  
Route 101 Weekend Schedule
Route 101 Weekend Schedule
DEPART Chuckanut P&R Dick's Sporting Goods Library ARRIVE Chuckanut P&R
1 2 3 4
8:25am 8:38am 8:49am 9:07am
9:25am 9:38am 9:49am 10:07am
10:25am 10:38am 10:49am 11:07am
11:25am 11:38am 11:49am 12:07pm
12:25pm 12:38pm 12:49pm 1:07pm
1:25pm 1:38pm 1:49pm 2:07pm
2:25pm 2:38pm 2:49pm 3:07pm
3:25pm 3:38pm 3:49pm 4:07pm
4:25pm 4:38pm 4:49pm 5:07pm
5:25pm 5:38pm 5:49pm 6:05pm
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