Online Fare Card Purchase

All passes purchased are physical cards that are mailed to you.
If you are a TouchPass passenger please visit TouchPass Portal to manage your account.

Type Of CardFull PriceQuantityTotal
191205_Mock_Card_Design_Skagit TouchPass Local Routes 31-Day Pass ($30) w/ TouchPass Card ($3) $33 $
191205_Mock_Card_Design_Skagit TouchPass All Routes 31-Day Pass ($50) w/ TouchPass Card ($3) $53 $
GFI 1-Day Pass (Skagit County Only) $3 $
Total :
Grand Total:
GFI fare cards expire 1 year after date they are printed/issued.
There are no refunds.
Please allow up to two weeks for order processing.
TouchPass cards do not expire. More Information

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