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Skagit Transit Updates

April 6th Update-

On Monday April 6, Skagit Transit will expand its service reductions for both Fixed-Route bus service and the Paratransit service in response to declining ridership during the COVID-19 pandemic. These reductions will enable Skagit Transit to protect our operators and riders while providing streamlined public transportation options for those conducting essential travel. 

PARATRANSIT service will operate:

6AM-7PM            Monday thru Friday

8AM-6PM            Saturday and Sunday

MONDAY thru SATURDAY- Fixed Route Service buseswill operate on a Saturday schedule unless noted below:

Route 90x will operate three trips per day departing Skagit Station at 8AM, Noon, and 4PM

Route 205 and 206 will go to hourly departures leaving Skagit Station at the top and bottom of the hour respectively.

Route 300 will operate every 2 hours instead of every hour.

Routes 409, 513, and 750 will no longer operate until further notice.

SUNDAY- Fixed Route servicewill operate on a Sunday schedule unless noted below:

Route 90x will operate 3 trips per day departing Skagit Station at 8AM, Noon, and 4PM

Route 205 and 206 will go to hourly departures leaving Skagit Station at the top and bottom of the hour respectively.

Route 300 will operate every 2 hours instead of every hour.

Skagit Transit is committed to the safety of our riders and has implemented additional disinfecting methods when cleaning the vehicle fleet daily. To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, transit should be used for essential travel only.

Mar 30th Update-

Skagit Transit will reduce its fixed-route bus service to a modified schedule, beginning Monday, March 30, and continuing until further notice.

The service reduction is prompted by sharp declines in ridership due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Fixed-route service has experienced a significant system-wide drop in daily ridership. Skagit Transit trips saw a drop of 52% during the 3rd full week of March compared to the same period of last year. A service reduction is designed to maintain a financially resilient and sustainable transit system that keeps our region moving and to ramp up when the COVID 19 crisis is over.

Here are details of the reduced service:

  • Reducing the Mt Vernon Routes 205 & 206 from 30 minute to hourly service
    • Route 205 will depart from Skagit Station on the hour starting 6:00am weekdays and 8:00am weekends
    • Route 206 will depart from Skagit Station at  35 minutes past the hour starting 6:35am weekdays and 8:30am weekends
  • Route 409 in Anacortes will cease to operate until further notice.
  • Route 410 will make the following adjustments
    • Route 410 will visit the Guemes Island Ferry every hour
    • Route 410 will deviate to the Island Hospital on request

Skagit Transit is an essential public service and we know that people are counting on us to be there for them during this unprecedented time.  Caring for our riders and employees is our top priority.

March 23rd Update-

Skagit Transit is the public transportation provider in Skagit County and is considered an essential service. While Governor Inslee is asking Washingtonians to limit nearly all trips, there are some trips such as those to work or to medical appointments or to a grocery store/pharmacy that people still need to make.

Skagit Transit is prepared to continue to provide public transportation to our county for these essential trips. However, our ability to do so depends on our ability to keep our transit employees safe and healthy. 

We are asking our riders, on both fixed route and paratransit, to help us keep our drivers healthy by doing the following:

  • Ride the bus for essential trips only
  • On Fixed Route buses, please enter and exit the bus through the back door, unless using the ramp 
  • Keep at least six feet from our driver and, when possible, other riders
  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing
  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Stay at home and do not ride the bus if experiencing the symptoms of an illness

We care about the health and safety or our riders, drivers, and community.

We need your help to ensure we can continue to provide bus service by helping to keep our transit employees healthy.


Links to Community Resources during the COVID-19 emergency

To visit the Skagit County Public Health website on COVID-19, please click HERE.


Food Banks- Skagit Transit has compiled a list of the food banks and how they are functioning under social distancing. Please review our LIST to find out how to use transit to reach the food banks and how they are working.

The Food Bank at the Mount Vernon Manor is temporarily suspended. Individuals in need of food assistance can call Mary to discuss options. Mary can be reached by cell for limited assistance on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at: 360-391-9815.


Schools Distributing Food- Some schools are distributing food to students who qualify for free and reduced lunches. To see which schools are involved and how you can take Skagit Transit to reach them, click HERE.


The following link is for free telehealth services provided by Skagit Regional in Skagit County.

(They have Spanish speakers available)






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