Skagit Transit Community Advisory Committee Seeks New Members!

Do you have a passion for public transportation? Have you ever dreamt of serving your community while also shaping its future? If so, the Skagit Transit Community Advisory Committee (CAC) has an exciting opportunity waiting for you!
The CAC is the heart and soul of Skagit Transit. It's a group of individuals just like you - non-elected, community-focused, and enthusiastic about public transportation. We are the voice of our community, advising the Skagit Transit Board of Directors, discussing transit-related issues, and providing key input into plans and policies that impact our ridership. This is more than a committee—it's an opportunity to make a real difference!
Imagine this: you’re not just waiting for the bus, you're influencing where it goes, when it goes, and how it gets there. And the best part? You'll be doing it alongside a team of people as passionate about community service and public transportation as you are.
But that's not all. Our CAC meetings are a place for everyone. We hold hybrid meetings (via Zoom and in-person) on the second Tuesday of each month at 4:30 PM at Skagit Station, 105 E. Kincaid, Mount Vernon. And guess what? The public is welcome and encouraged to attend. Your thoughts, your ideas, your concerns - they all matter to us. 
So, are you ready to hop on this journey with us? If you are a citizen of Skagit County with an interest in public transportation, we welcome you to apply. We believe in the strength of diversity and are committed to creating a CAC that reflects the vibrant colors of our community. Regardless of your background, your age, your experience - we welcome you, because we know that every voice can contribute to shaping a better future for Skagit Transit.
Applications are readily available for you. You can apply through the Skagit Transit website or contact Brad Windler, our Planning & Outreach Supervisor, at 360-757-5179. He'll be more than happy to guide you through the process.
So, what are you waiting for? Now is your chance to serve your community, to raise your voice, and to drive the future of public transportation in Skagit County. Don't just be a passenger, be a navigator!
Join the Skagit Transit Community Advisory Committee today, and together, let's make every journey count!

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