Use the new TouchPass system for your travels on Skagit Transit

To access the TouchPass Passenger Portal Click Here

TouchPass is the new hassle-free way you can pay your bus fare. You can pay with a TouchPass Card with your smartphone on the FREE TouchPass Mobile App. To get the FREE TouchPass Mobile App, search for "TouchPass Transit" on the App store or Google Play. To get your first TouchPass Card, please visit Skagit Transit's Customer Service office at Skagit Station (105 E Kincaid St, Mount Vernon) or Skagit Transit's business office (600 County Shop Lane, Burlington).

You can purchase 1 Day or 31 Day passes on the TouchPass system. You can also load stored value on to the system if you prefer paying per trip.


TouchPass Mobile App

Getting started with TouchPass on your smartphone is simple. Just load and open the app then provide a few pieces of information and ride. You can buy a bus pass or add value to your TouchPass account with the prompts on your phone a credit or debit card. A dynamic QR code pattern is displayed on homepage of your TouchPass Mobile App. Passes are instantly ready to use upon payment. When you board the bus, please face th QR code towards the TouchPass reader on the coach and you are on your way!

TouchPass Card

Getting started with the TouchPass card, is as simple as visting our Customer Service office. Customer service will help you register your card and you can buy your bus pass from Customer Service or go online and buy it directly by visiting using a debit/credit card. Registering your card is the only way to transfer passes and value if your TouchPass card is lost or stolen onto a new card. You can register your card by typing in a username and password on the website. Please save your username and password as you will need it to manage your account and purchase bus passes. (NOTE you cannot register your card through the Mobile app.)

Both the TouchPass card and the smartphone app can be set up to send you alerts when your pass is coming up to expire. You can also set it up to autoload a new bus pass before your current pass expires.

Paying For Your Ride With TouchPass On The Bus

As you step on the bus, you'll see the TouchPass Reader to the right of the driver. To pay your fare, place your TouchPass card or have your smartphone display the dynamic QR code towards the bottom of the TouchPass Reader. 

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When using the smartphone app, you will need to line up the QR code being displayed with the white square displayed on the TouchPass Reader. Use the image displayed on the TouchPass Reader to help you target the correct area.

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Check out this video from a partner TouchPass transit agency that shows how to use TouchPass on the bus.

You can now buy a pass anywhere using the Touch Pass mobile app or online.  Note: Cards are not available on the buses at this time. 

Not Valid on the Route 80X at this time.




  • Where can I buy TouchPass?
    • Skagit Station Customer Service
    • Business Office @ 600 County Shop Lane, Burlington
    • Self-service portal on our website
    • In the TouchPass mobile app
  • Can I use a TouchPass card and Mobile App at the same time?
    • No, at this time there is no way to use both a TouchPass card and mobile app for the same account.
  • How much will a TouchPass card cost?
    • All TouchPass cards are $3
  • Can I use this system anonymously.
    • Yes.  When purchasing a TouchPass card for use you can opt out of registering an account making the card virtually anonymous.
    • If you do not register a card with an account we cannot replace it if its lost.
  • Where are my funds stored when adding them to my account?
    • Registered account holders have their funds on the servers.  The value is not stored on your phone or your TouchPass card.
    • Un-Registered cards values are also stored on the server however there is no link to an account and when a card is lost in this scenario all value is lost with it.
  • Will I be able to purchase my reduced fare cards in the TouchPass system?
    • Yes, however, new accounts may not have reduced fare cards available when signing up.  Please visit our Skagit Station or Administration Offices to have your account enabled for reduced fare cards.
  • What happens if I lose my TouchPass card?
    • If you lose or damage your TouchPass card you may purchase a new one for $3 at our Skagit Station or Administration Offices
    • If you have a registered account with us you can have your replacement card attached to that account to regain access to any stored value or passes on your registered account.
    • If you do not have a registered account you won't be able to regain access to any stored value or passes on the un-registered account.
      • We will have no way of knowing your account numbers on lost cards.
  • What happens if I replaced my card and find my missing card afterwards?
    • Once a card is replaced the lost or missing card becomes permanently void and will no longer work in the system.
  • What is fare capping?
    • Fare Capping is a method of fare payment that allows for passengers to not over pay for rides.  If you ride our local routes and pay for a ride at $1 and do this three times in one day you automatically get treated as if you purchaseda day pass and the rest of the rides that day are free.  The same is true for the month period, if you ride 30 times in a month you then get fare capped at $30 and the rest of the rides for the month period are free.
      • Fare capping is enabled on our local fixed route for day passes $3 and 31 day passes $30.
      • Fare capping is enabled on our regional connectors for 31 day passes only at this time at $50.
        • We plan to implement daily fare capping on our regional routes soon.
  • I noticed WTA is also using TouchPass, are the two systems compatible.
    • They are compatible however at this time we won't be offering any joined products like the Skagit Whatcom Passes.
    • A Whatcom TouchPass card won't work on Skagit TouchPass system.
    • A Skagit TouchPass card won't work on Whatcom TouchPass system.
    • Expect an update on this later in 2020.


  • Fare Policy
    • The collection of fares, fare products and rules that determine how passengers pay for a ride
  • Fare Type
    • Code identifying a passenger group
  • Paper Token
    • A disposable paper card used to pay fares
  • QR Code
    • Two dimensional barcode used to pay fares
  • TouchPass Card
    • A credit card sized plastic with an embedded computer chip and antenna


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